Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid July Cooking Fun

Kurt has been out of town for the last few days, and will be out of town for more. Trying to motivate myself to cook for the kids can be difficult, because my little munchkins are happy with just about anything!

I am super proud of myself because we have not eaten out since Kurt left- which is a HUGE milestone for me. So often, when my days are full, it is just easier to go pick something up rather than make a healthy meal for my family. But- I have done it! GO ME! (To add, I have worked out EVERY day too! I did P90X the first day, and Insanity every other day!)

So, here is the menu for the rest of the week:

-Ham and Eggs with sliced fruit for breakfast
-Roasted chicken with fresh veggies for lunch
-Homemade Chicken soup for dinner (using the rest of the chicken from lunch)

-Ham and Eggs with sliced fruit for breakfast (the kids all seem to agree this is the best breakfast ever, so I am rolling with it!)
-Sandwiches with gluten free bread. Meat with cheese for me, and the kids will have almond butter and jam. Not paleo, but that's okay, it is an easy lunch! Fresh fruit and sliced veggies too.
-Crock Pot Pulled Pork with cabbage slaw

-Pancakes or Ham and Eggs- we will see...
-Leftovers or sandwiches
-Sausage and Kale Saute

-Eggs and ham for breakfast? Not sure...
-Leftovers or sandwiches for lunch? Not sure...
-No idea on dinner- we have company coming, so I am not sure of what to do here!

-No idea- have to talk to our guests =)
-Crock pot chicken curry lunch
-GF Pizza for dinner (because I will need a break!)

-Eggs and ham for breakfast, maybe?
-Sandwiches or leftovers
-Ginger Scallion Pork Meatballs and noodles

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