Friday, July 1, 2011

A week later =)

We have done paleo for one week- and OH MY what a difference!!! Not a day goes by that we haven't been active- it almost feels like we will burst without exercise! No naps, no bloating, its amazing! Here are pictures of some of the delicious foods we have been eating. So wonderful!!! The kids are doing GREAT!!! They are enjoying fruits, veggies, and all kinds of meats! Both of them adore fish and request it often! They stopped asking for fruit snacks on day 3- and have been asking for things like bananas and apples! They are doing so well, and they are sleeping much better!

The pictures above were not only delicious, but were totally paleo! The pancakes were made from almond meal and coconut products. SO DELICIOUS! The children LOVED them!

We really are impressed by the difference we feel in our bodies. We feel energized and happy. We feel WONDERFUL!

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  1. That is fantastic! Congrats on sticking to it!