Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 1... REDO!

Our first day as a paleo family was AWFUL! Why in the WORLD did I think that grocery shopping ON the first day was going to work?! UGH! The whole day was pretty much scrapped...

That's fine, because after our grocery trip our home is more full of beautiful foods than ever before!!! And I am convinced that tomorrow will be the REAL start of our paleo journey, and our 30 days =)

Our refrigerator is stocked (isn't it pretty?!) and we are ready to go! After all was said and done I was a bit shocked that we only spent about $50 more than we generally do. Organic produce, omega-3 rich eggs from free range chickens, and beef from organic grass fed cattle who live in open fields. Worth it, I think.

Excited for tomorrow!

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